SAP Smart Forms Advantages over SAPscripts

Introduced with SAP 4.6c release, Smartforms is a tool to create and maintain reports.  SAPscript is the classic form processing tool. Compared each other, Smart forms have the following advantages;

  • With Smart Forms it is easier to customize forms with more functionalities, ie table creation with Table Painter.
  • SAP Smart Forms objects are repository objects and are connected to the transport system to ensure that a transport to the production system is possible
  • Unlike SAPscript, you do not have to know scripting commands to  to perform your tasks. ABAP codes also can be used in Smart Forms.
  • Multiple page formats are available in Smartforms which is not in SAPscript.
  • Routines can be written in Smart Forms tool.
  • Smart Forms generate a functional key when activated.
  • You can download Smart Forms to your local hard disk in XML format

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