Monday Links Roundup #3: AFC UpDownload in Web Dynpro, eCATT Basics, SAP BI and More…

Sorry for delay of 3th edition of Monday Links..As i was very busy with term project preparation, so 1 day later here are top articles i have read over other SAP sites:

  1. AFC UpDownload in Web Dynpro ABAP
  2. In his latest ABAP Freak Shows series, Thomas Jung explores the new ACFUpDownload UI element that came in NetWeaver 7.01. In this video tutorial you will learn how you can write your own ICM Handler Class so that you can have silient, multiple file uploads and downloads directly to/from your ABAP Application Server

  3. SAP Web Dynpro for Java: Tutorial
  4. In this article author demonstrates how you can develop and deploy an application in Web Dynpro for Java.

  5. Future Development Tool for SAP BI
  6. Author discusses changes in SAP BI from BW 3.x to BW 7.0 and gives detailed overview of Visual Composer which came with SAP Netweaver 2004.

  7. eCATTs: The Basics 2
  8. After first part of eCATT article series, Colm Craddock has just released his very informative 2nd article for eCATT that he discusses test script editor and provides detail on how to record a test script using the SAP GUI mode.

  9. Podcast Updates on Impact of Offshoring and SAP BPX Skills and “Is SOA Dead? Other updates discusses on ABAP vs Java  Part 1. and  Part 2.

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