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This is a series of article which will introduce the users to the automated testing tool called eCATT. For easier understanding of the user, the article has bee split into a series of eight articles where the user is given introduction to the eCATT, how the user can record and parameterize the script, the concept behind test data container, system data container and test configurator is explained. For the easier user understanding an attempt has been made to combine eCATT theory with some examples and illustrations. The work of exploration has been mainly on the SAP GUI recording mode. For the other recording modes like TCD, Web Dynpro applications, the user will have to refer the SAP help. The series of the articles are listed below for user reference.


eCATT Part 1 – An Introduction
eCATT Part 2 – Recording a Scenario
eCATT Part 3 – Parameterization of Script
eCATT Part 4 – Modularizing Script
eCATT Part 5 – Conditional Execution
eCATT Part 6 – System Data Container
eCATT Part 7 – Test Data Container
eCATT Part 8 – Test Configuration

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