Monday Links Roundup #4: ABAP for Beginners, HCM User Guides, Some SAP Tips and more…

Before listing all, i want to introduce you my new site. You must have seen it at my blogroll links, check it at
This site aims to collect the very latest posts from the other SAP related sites. For this i use their rss feeds, and so list of posts are updated as new publications made by the site owners. So you can call it as also SAP sites directory. The sites will be enhanced by day, so sooner you will get a very rich content from overall SAP sites. You can make your suggestions too, just drop me an e-mail at[at]gmail[dot]com. If appropriate, site will be added the relevant category.

For my favourite finding overall  web are as follows;

  1. If you are new to ABAP, you must surely check this wiki like ABAP2Java site which intends to be a dictionary site.. There are over 300 articles to improve your knowledge.
  2. Find Human Resources, BI Reporting related defintions, user guides at Beacon State site
  3. Muhammad Asfan explains how to Change SAP Logo and Create Text on logon screen
  4. Read Arindam Ghosh’s various articles of ABAP Objects , Batch Data Communication(BDC), SAP R/3 System Architecture and many more HERE

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