Yet Another SAP CIN Configuration Document

For those who do not know yet, CIN stands for Country Version India. Some configurations procedures are country dependent, so this one is for India. If you have not seen yet, i shared another CIN Configuration Document before. And also check another Comprehensive Configuration Document which will be very useful for you too. Through this document you will be guided for customization of following topics with screenshots provided ;

  • Activate CIN for Specific Fiscal Year : In this activity you specify for which Fiscal Years you want to activate CIN for the accounting interface
  • Check Calculation Procedure : In this activity you check, and if necessary, change existing procedures for tax calculation
  • Assign Country to Calculation Procedure : In this activity you enter key for the calculation procedure which determines the conditions which are allowed per document and which defines sequence of the conditions in the document for each country.
  • Check and Change Settings for Tax Processing : In this activity you make the necessary specifications for posting taxes.
  • Define Tax Accounts : In this activity you specify the accounts to which different tax types are to be posted

And the rest of configuration procedures covered in this document are Assign Tax Codes for Non-Taxable Transactions, Maintain Excise Registrations, Maintain  Company Code Settings, Maintain Plant Settings and much more.

Download – Yet Another SAP CIN Configuration Document

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