Useful Documents to Introduce You SAP New General Ledger Features

Since the release of SAP R/3 in 1993, the most extensive changes on GL was done with the advent of New GL. Many new features has been introduced which provides great benefits for companies like increased integration, accelerated closing, ease of producing parallel accounts etc. Some of these features in New General Ledger are Document Splitting, Parallel Accounting and Segment Reporting.

Besides the links i provided you above, in this post i will share with you some documents i have just come across which will give you brief concept of the new features came with New General Ledger.

Highlights of the New General Ledger

With the advent of mySAP ERP 2004, the financials in SAP have been vastly enhanced to meet various customer needs. Not only are new features introduced in the general ledger, but some existing functionalities within other areas have been modified to support the New General Ledger (GL). After reading this article you will learn the various features like Document Splitting, Allocations, Profit Center Accounting, Segmental Accounting etc…

Segment Reporting in the New General Ledger

With the introduction of international accounting reporting standards (IFRS), segment reporting is now a more wide-spread requirement. IFRS distinguishes between two reporting formats, both of which must be reported – one as the primary and the other as the secondary. These are identified as business segments and geographical segments (IAS14). SAP has now extended its capabilities to support these requirements and these are briefly highlighted below. This article introduces you concept of segment, and reporting structure in New General Ledger

Account Assignments in in the New General Ledger

SAP provides many options for maintaining the automatic assignment of GL accounts. This article briefly highlights some of this new functionality available in the New G/L. This involves knowledge of configuration to maintain these settings.

Parallel Accounting using the New General Ledger

Parallel Accounting is not new to SAP; however, this functionality has been streamlined with the introduction of the New General Ledger (GL). Additional ledgers are now an inherit element of the general ledger and greatly support parallel accounting needs. This article will give you a brief insight of Parallel Accounting, Additional Accounts Option, Accounting principles and more..

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