SAP FI-CO Certification Preparation(Exclusive Material)

What makes this document valuable ? If you are studying for SAP FI Certification, you know TFIN 50 & TFIN 52 materials are the only required documents for study. These two materials are more than enough and you will not need any other supporting material, except this :). And the following document outlines the most important points from these books, and it is a very good summarise. A must for all whom prepare for SAP FI Certification.

Contents of Book

  • Document Control
  • Controlling Org Types and Master Data
  • Schedule Manager
  • Finance Master Data
  • Payment Program, Dunning Program, Correspondence, Interest Calculation
  • Periodic Processing
  • Planning
  • Overhead Orders
  • Profit Centre Accounting
  • Solution Manager

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After reading this material, it will be useful to test your skills with FICO Certification Exam Questions which you will find 16 set of Test, True/False and GAP fill papers.

NEW!: Up-to-date documents, summary of TFIN50 & TFIN52 books, for studying SAP FI Certification C_TFIN52_64 Exam can be found HERE

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  1. venu gopal says:

    hi sir,
    this is venu am taking sap fico training, but i do,t have proper material. plz mail me sap fico material

  2. Name vijay says:

    Hi !! I want to do fi-co certification Plz help me with information and can i get the material plz plz plz help

  3. msamiuddin says:

    Hello Eddie,
    Mate i got few ques for u & it would b really kind of u if u can answer me :
    1) is this material enough for me to prepare for FICO certification.
    2)everything in FICO exam would b same as mentioned here in ur material.
    3)And i go gain some good knowledge in FI part and that too in configuring but as far as theory is concerned i m poor how can i improve theory part.
    4) i am real weak in theory as well as practical part in controling.
    Thanks for ur time.

  4. eddai says:

    Hello Samiuddin,
    I’m not SAP expert, nor certified consultant. I have just graduated from college. For your questions,

    -This material is of cource not enough to prepare FICO certification. And you should know that FI and CO certification exams are made separately anymore. This document will be useful just as an accompanying book.
    -See FI Certification Exam Details and you will need mainly SAP Academy Materials like TFIN 50 &TFIN 52. You can also browse Exams and see a sample..
    -sorry, no idea how you can improve your theory practice. for your further questions you can register for free and pose a question at SAP Certified Consultants forums
    I hope these help

  5. vivek says:

    Hi Eddai,

    I have completed MBA in Finance and I have four years exp. in Accounting. Dose FICO useful for me?

    I really thankful for giving me the more information about SAP FICO.

  6. eddai says:

    @vivek You consider Certification ? Or why asking if FICO is useful for u ?
    For me, I have just graduated from college last month, and as per my knowledge FICO is the hottest module in SAP, now I’m studying for FI certification on my own though it will be very hard.
    At least you have 4 year experience and you surely know almost every bit of Financials processes, so I guess it will not be hard for you to gain SAP skills if you devote yourself. btw, I’m not an expert to answer ur question, just my personal thoughts.

  7. Azmath says:

    hi i am completed my SAP FICO Course in Bangalore last year can i apply for Certification. how i will apply for Certification

  8. Vinoth J says:

    Hi, I have four years of experience and I’m planning to do SAP FICO module but I don’t have accountancy knowledge. Is that gonna affect me? How should I equip myself to cope up with the FICO module?

  9. aparna says:

    i want guidence regarding SAP-FICO module regarding scope after M.B.A-I.T. i have background of B.E-computer

  10. Sally says:

    At this time I am unemployed. There is a potential jib opening for Accounts Receivable (of which I have years of experience) but they require SAP. Where can I learn the end user only for the AR Module ?

  11. Ramana says:

    Hai I want to Know the details of SAP FICO and suggest me any institute for SAP FICO in hyderabad/vijaywada

  12. Haresh Makani says:


  13. PRAVEEN KUMAR says:

    Hi, i done sap Fico course now i am working as SAP enduser. But as a enduser i am not having that much knowledge about SAP practical. Could you please suggest which is best institute in Bangalore & what is the present condition if i do the coures for job purpose, And if u have any SAP FICO material plse send to [email protected]

  14. Prabhakar Vanam says:

    Good evening Mr.Eddai,

    I am Prabhakar Vanam from Hyderabad, Andhrapradesh,India.

    I have finishes SAP FI training from SIEMENS but I did not attend the certification examination b/c the examination pattern has been changed from 2009 onwards so, it is became difficult for me so, I request you to pls help me and can you pls send SAP FI certification exam model papers.


    Prabhakar Vanam
    [email protected]

  15. PREM says:

    i am looking for Question & answere ‘s for The ‘SAP CO Module Certification’. Can any body provide link or the dump for preparation

  16. MILIND says:

    I m B.COM working with TCS AS ACOUNTS PAYABLE PROCESS ASSOCIATE since 2 and half years. how will SAP FICO will be benefical for me in jobs or carreer wise , its Scope, and how to start i dont know any thing for SAPFICO. I have worked on SAP R3 FOR 2YRS AS ACCOUTS RECEIVABLE AND 6 MONTH IN SAP R2 AS ACCOUTS PAYABLE.

  17. Jugal says:


    I have completed my Sap Fico 6month before and I am searching job in Sap Fico. Could you advice me the right way to get the right job .

  18. Rakesh says:

    I am perusing MBA (finance), somebody suggest me for your financial course, so I want to know about our financial course, I send you my mail-id ([email protected]) plz tell me about the course. can you suggest me what should I do.


  19. sindhu says:

    Am an MBA in Finance was working in Co for 3 years
    in India now am in U.S. when i apply for jobs they ask for
    some specific software experience like SAS or SAP …
    Which i dont carry ….kindly help me regarding this

  20. Bibek says:

    If any person have sound knowledge of accountancy and costing then Sap fico would be an ideal career for them which has unlimited scope.

  21. p.g.reddy says:

    can u pls send me details about sap certification of exam , and as well as material pls all these details. as early as posible.

  22. k.srinivasa reddy says:

    i completed mba finanace ,now iam working in accountancy i want to do sap(fico) certification pls send the course details and how much cost of certification.

  23. Swati Arora says:

    Hi! Right now I’m pursuing BCA from IGNOU and English (Hons) from DU. In what way can SAP help me in my future aspects and what are the major benefits and scopes after doing SAP?

  24. irfan says:

    hi Eddai.
    I am irfan. graduated in bsc computer science.. i am doing sap in fico…….. could i get more information and relevant detail about job oppurtunity .

  25. srinivas bandari says:

    This is srinivas, Now am learning SAP FI/CO in an institution at Hyderabad Ameerpet. can anybody suggest in rgards of SAP FICO certification details like Fee how many times we can attempt and where to apply and write which material to prepare.

    Please Help me Regards and mail me at [email protected]

    Thanks & Regards
    Srinivas Bandari

  26. N.Sathish Kumar says:

    completed mba finanace ,now iam working in accountancy i want to do sap(fico) certification pls send the course details and how much cost of certification.
    Please Help me Regards and mail me at [email protected]

    Thanks & Regards
    Sathish Kumar

  27. SURESH says:

    completed MBA finance ,now iam working in accountancy i want to do sap(fico) certification pls send the course details and how much cost of certification.
    Please Help me
    thanks and Regards
    suresh teli
    [email protected]

  28. mohan says:

    iam a fresher mba finance graduate,. i want to join in sap fico. i need sap fico certification details.

  29. atishthosar says:

    . can anybody suggest in rgards of SAP FICO certification details like Fee how many times we can attempt and where to apply and write which material to prepare

  30. yzmercan says:

    you can attend 3 times in any module certification, if you fail in all you will not be able to enroll again until certification system changes.. TFIN50, TFIN52 and SM00 are required materials and they are more than enough for certification. You will not need any other supporting materials..
    I don’t know if the exam fee varies from region to region but here in Turkey it is 400+%18 VAT Euros..

  31. Manan says:

    Hi; i am doing sap fi certification course training. & now i am preparing for exam of fi so i want to some que. paper style so i can refer it before exam & i am fresher so give guidance & help. please send on my id [email protected]
    thank you

  32. laxmiprasad says:

    can anybody suggest in regards of SAP FICO certification details like Fee how many times we can attempt and where to apply and write which material to prepare

  33. Jitesh Oza says:


    I have completed SAP FI module E-learing coarse from authorised training centre in Pune in August 2009 in ECC 6.0 version and attempted first attempt in Dec. 2010. I have scored 41% marks in the first attempt. As ECC 6.0 version has been outdated, I wants to SAP FI & CO certification in ECC 7.0 version or latest updated version with due study materials for the same besides doing the same from authorised training centre paying expensive fees. Kindly guide us for the same.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Jitesh Oza

  34. yzmercan says:

    Hi Jitesh, I did not hear ECC 7.0 version is out.. Latest SAP release is ECC 6.0 with EHP5. Regarding study materials for certification, TFIN materials are more than enough.. You would not need any supporting material else. The material I shared here is for R/3 release of SAP, not exhaustive but you will find quick notes from TFIN materials which still could be useful shortly.

  35. raj says:

    hi, this raj i have completed cwa i want to join in sap certification for co module and also i want material pls guide me for that

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