Condition Types

Condition Types:

>    The condition type determines the category of a condition and how it is used.
>    The calculation type and the scale base type can be controlled for each condition type.
For Example: Scale for Condition Type PROO


1 Pieces 800 Unit
10 Pieces 750 Unit
100 Pieces 700 Unit

>    Possible scale base types       Possible calculation types
Value                            Percentage from an initial value  Fixed amount
Quantity                        Amount per unit of measure
Weight                          Amount per unit of weight
Volumes                        Amount per unit of volume
Time period                   Quantity per unit of time
>    Each condition type can be set as an automatic surcharge, discount or either.
>    Condition types: A calculation or formula used for a component of pricing.

  Header Condition:
>    Conditions can also be entered at the document header level. These are known as header conditions and are valid for all items.
>    These header conditions are automatically distributed among the items based on net value. The basis for distributing the header conditions can be changed in the pricing procedure by selecting the appropriate routine (e.g. weight, volumes) in the AltCBV (alternative formula for condition base value) field.
>    Incase of Condition type RB00, the value is copied to all line items. For Example: Condition Type RB00 is maintained with value $ 50 & there are 4 line items, then all 4 line items each will be populated with the value $ 50.
>    Incase of Condition type HB00, the value is distributed to all line items. For Example: Condition Type HB00 is maintained with value $ 50 & there are 4 line items, then the value $ 50 is divided in all 4 line items propotionately.

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