SAP HR Organizational Management (OM) Infotypes

An Infotype is a collection of fields or attributes related to a particular type of content. The term Infotype is specific to SAP ERP HCM, and not used in any other part of SAP. Each time data is stored in an Infotype, a corresponding database record is created. The user uses an Infotype as a data entry screen with fields for employee or business information.

The following standard list of Infotypes can be used in the implementation of organizational structures

1000ObjectThis Infotype is used to create objects. This is where you create the department
1001RelationshipsThis Infotype allows a user to define the relationship between objects.
1002DescriptionThe Description Infotype is used to append text descriptions to different objects. Description entries are for reference purposes only.
1003Department/staffUsing the Department/Staff Infotype, a staff flag can be applied to organisational units and positions, and a department flag to organisational units. This Infotype is only used when working with organisational units and positions.
1004CharacterThe Character Infotype is used when maintaining tasks. Using this Infotype, you can categorize the different tasks you maintain in your task catalogue.
1006RestrictionsUsing the Restriction Infotype, you can identify any restrictions applicable to employees who are assigned to a work center.
1007VacancyThe vacancy Infotype is used when working with positions. It allows for the flagging of vacant positions.
1008Account assignmentThe Account Assignment Features Infotype applies to organisational units and positions, and serves two purposes. It plays a role in the assignment of cost centers to objects and allows you to enter default settings helpful for Payroll Accounting.
1009Health ExaminationsUsing the Health Examinations Infotype, you can identify any health requirements employees must meet in a particular work center.
1010Authorities & ResourcesThis Infotype is commonly used when working with positions, but can also be used for work centers. It allows for the identification of a delegated commercial authority assigned to a position and the resources made available to positions and work centers.
1011Work scheduleThe Work Schedule Infotype allows for the definition of a work schedule – the average number of hours worked – for organisational units, work centers or positions.
1013Employee group / sub groupUsing the Employee Group/Subgroup Infotype, you can assign a position to an employee group and employee subgroup. This is an optional Infotype that is only used when working with positions.
1014ObsoleteThis Infotype allows for the flagging of a position or work centre as obsolete.
1015Cost planningThis Infotype allows for the development of various scenarios for personnel costs when the Personnel Cost Planning module in PD is active.



Standard Profiles



This Infotype allows for the definition of system-defined authority profiles to the following objects: organisational units, jobs, positions and tasks (or standard tasks if Workflow Management is active.
1017PD ProfilesThe PD Profiles Infotype allows for the creation of authority profiles specific to Personnel Management. These authority profiles control the objects users can see when working with organisational plans as well as the activities they can undertake.
1019Headcount PlanningUsing the Headcount Planning Infotype, you can plan how many positions, defined via a certain job, you need for a particular organisational unit in the future. You can only do this planning per organisational unit.
1027Site dependent informationAllows specification of standard and factory calendars, as well as currency and language, tasks if your company uses Workflow Management), to an Organisational unit or location.
1028AddressesThe address Infotype allows for appending an address to certain objects that exist in Organisational Management.
1208SAP Organisational ObjectUsing the SAP Organisational Object Infotype, you can create and maintain

Relationships between SAP Organisational Objects and the Organisational  Management objects: organisational unit, position, job, and work center

1633Equity South AfricaThe South African Occupational codes are maintained against the jobs on this Infotype.


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