SAP MM Case Study: Purchasing Process Training for Beginners

This SAP MM case study (for SAP ECC 6.0) explains an integrated materials management process in detail and thus fosters a thorough understanding of each process step and underlying SAP functionality.

Within a fictitious company, you will take on different roles in order to process a complete purchasing process.. e.g. purchasing agent, warehouse worker, accounting clerk. Overall, you will be working in the Materials Management (MM) and the Financial Accounting (FI) departments.

The overall process description:

Before you start the purchasing process you create a new vendor (Mid-West Supply) in Lincoln. Then, you create a new master record for a trading good (Chain Lock) in the system. After checking the stock (empty) you are starting the procurement process by creating a purchase requisition.
Then, you generate a request for quotations and enter the quotations from various vendors – including your new vendor. After evaluating and accepting the quotation of Mid-West Supply you create a purchase order referencing the RFQ. Then, you will post the goods receipt and verify the physical receipt in stock. After creating two partial invoices you will post the payments to the vendor and review the G/L accounts.

  • Create a new vendor
  • Create Material Master for Trading Goods
  • Display Stock/Requirements List
  • Create a purchase requisition
  • Create Request for Quotation
  • Maintain quotations from vendors
  • Evaluate quotations on price
  • Create a purchase order with reference to an RFQ
  • Create Goods Receipt for Purchase Order
  • Post Payments to Vendor
  • Display Vendor Line Items

Download – SAP MM Case Study: Purchasing Process Training for Beginners

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