SAP SD Case Study: Order-to-Cash Training for Beginners

This case study (for SAP ECC 6.0) explains an integrated sales and distribution process in detail and thus fosters a thorough understanding of each process step and underlying SAP functionality.

Within a fictitious company, you will take on different roles (e.g. sales agent, warehouse worker, accounting clerk) in order to process a complete order-to-cash process. Overall, you will be working in the Sales and Distribution (SD), the Materials Management (MM) and the Financial Accounting (FI) departments.

The overall process description:

You will start the sales order process by creating a new customer (The Bike Zone) in Orlando. Then, you receive an inquiry which you will process into a quotation. Once the quotation is accepted by the customer you create a sales order referencing the quotation. As you will have enough bikes in stock, you deliver the products sold to your customer, create an invoice and receive the payment.

  • Create a New Customer [XD01]
  • Create Contact Person [MAP1]
  • Assign Contact Person as a business partner to Customer Master [XD02]
  • Create Quotation [VA21]
  • Create a sales order with reference to a quotation [VA01]
  • Check the inventory [MMBE]
  • Create Outbound Delivery with Order Reference [VL01N]
  • Create a billing document for a customer [VF04]
  • Post a customer payment receipt. [F-28]

Download – SAP SD Case Study: Order-to-Cash Training for Beginners

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