SAP BW Extraction Book for Beginners

Extraction programs that read data from extract structures and send it, in the required format, to the Business Information Warehouse also belong to the data staging mechanisms in the SAP system as well as the SAP Strategic Initiative products such as APO, CRM and SEM.

In this e-book you will find instructions of the following topics;

  • Data Extraction from SAP Source Systems: Introduction, Transfer Method – PSA and IDoc, DataSources, Data Extraction Logistics, LO Cockpit Functions, LO Data Sources Data Flow, Structure of Delta Method for LO Cockpit Data Sources, Delta Method, Delta Method Properties, Delta Queue Functions, Generic extraction, Generic Data Types, Generic Data sources
  • Extraction with Flat Files: Data from Flat Files (7.0, Data from Flat Files (3.x),
  • DB Connect
  • Universal Data Integration: Process Flow, Creating UD source system, Creating a DataSource for UD Connect,
  • BI JDBC Connector
  • BI XMLA Connector: Using Info Objects with UD Connect, Using SAP Namespace for Generated Objects
  • XML Integration:
  • Data Mart Interface
  • Virtual InfoCubes

Download – SAP BW Extraction Book for Beginners

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