SAP BO Universe Designer Guide for Beginners

In SAP Netweaver, being a Business Objects component, a Designer is used to build universes. A universe is a semantic layer between database and end users.

The role of a universe is to provide an easy to use and understand interface for non technical Business Objects and Web Intelligence users to run queries against a database to create reports and perform data analysis.

After completing this document, you will be able to

  • Define connection to universe
  • Design universe
  • Insert tables and joins
  • Resolve loops
  • Create classes and objects
  • Check universe integrity
  • Manage universe
  • Overview of Security

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SAP BI Project Implementation: Do and Don’ts with Best Practices

Major SAP project implementations requires careful monitoring process and clear definition of milestones.  Reaching a milestone at the prescribed deadlines requires the milestones to be broken into various tasks and the resources that are going to complete those tasks.

In this document you will find details about the learning’s of one of the major Business Intelligence Project Implementation. Major topics are listed below which elaborated in this material:

  • Requirement Gathering And Analysis
  • Design Phase
  • Development Phase
  • Deploy Phase
  • Evolve Phase
  • Project Organization
  • Deliverables And Acceptance Criteria
  • Project Communication & Control Mechanisms
  • Risk Management

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SAP BW Extraction Book for Beginners

Extraction programs that read data from extract structures and send it, in the required format, to the Business Information Warehouse also belong to the data staging mechanisms in the SAP system as well as the SAP Strategic Initiative products such as APO, CRM and SEM.

In this e-book you will find instructions of the following topics;

  • Data Extraction from SAP Source Systems: Introduction, Transfer Method – PSA and IDoc, DataSources, Data Extraction Logistics, LO Cockpit Functions, LO Data Sources Data Flow, Structure of Delta Method for LO Cockpit Data Sources, Delta Method, Delta Method Properties, Delta Queue Functions, Generic extraction, Generic Data Types, Generic Data sources
  • Extraction with Flat Files: Data from Flat Files (7.0, Data from Flat Files (3.x),
  • DB Connect
  • Universal Data Integration: Process Flow, Creating UD source system, Creating a DataSource for UD Connect,
  • BI JDBC Connector
  • BI XMLA Connector: Using Info Objects with UD Connect, Using SAP Namespace for Generated Objects
  • XML Integration:
  • Data Mart Interface
  • Virtual InfoCubes

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Advanced BW Reporting Concepts in SAP

This quick reference guide shows you how to perform the following BW reporting functions in SAP:

  • Executing A BW Report
  • Saving A BW Report Variant
  • Viewing/Removing Report Hierarchy Details
  • Changing How Report Data Is Displayed
  • Changing To Cumulative Output Amounts
  • Changing Sort Order of Report Data
  • Suppressing/Unsuppressing Zero Rows
  • Suppressing/Unsuppressing Total Rows
  • Normalizing Report Results
  • Swapping Displayed Report Fields
  • Adding Drilldown to a Report
  • Moving Back One Screen
  • Changing Where Totals Are Displayed
  • Suppressing/Unsuppressing Repeated Key Fields
  • Refreshing A Report
  • Changing Other Report Attributes
  • Other BW Reporting Buttons
  • Attaching A Chart To A Report
  • Protecting A Report From Formatting Changes
  • Saving A Report As A Favorite
  • Saving Report Data In An Excel Spreadsheet
  • Turning On/Off the Right-Click Functions
  • Business Explorer Menu

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SAP BW Reporting: Everything You Want to Know

Business intelligence tools are intended to support users in understanding the enterprise performance and to help users make appropriate decisions based on their understanding. One critical aspect here that the user should note is the need to give all users an equal insight into the enterprise—an insight based on consistent data and standard analytical definitions. For consistent enterprise control, a unified view of information for all users is indispensable. On the one hand, this is achieved by the SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW) functionality for extraction and data warehousing via a consistent data basis. Conversely, queries can provide a unified and flexible analysis platform according to the Single Point of Truth concept. This means that within an enterprise, a piece of information (or a dataset) exists once as a reference and cannot be falsified by locally changed variants. Essentially, a query is a database research action with interesting additional functionality like currency scenarios, complex calculation options, and analysis functions.

In this e-book (116 pages) you will find in-depth notes about SAP BW Reporting tools. See the covered content below:

  • Reporting Agent
  • SAP BI 7.0 Reporting Tools
  • Business Explorer (BEx Browser, BEx Query Designer, BEx Map)
  • Query Designer
  • BEx Web Application Designer
  • Chart Designer
  • Web Analyzer
  • Ad-Hoc Query Designer

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SAP BW Tutorials

This document was created for the purpose of providing the information about creating basic objects in SAP BW. Most of the tasks with their screen shots are incorporated, so that people who are new to BW can use this document as a reference when they are building various basic objects in SAP BW.

  • Introduction to SAP BW
  • Installation of Business Content Info Object
  • Creation of Custom Info Object (Characteristics)
  • Creation of Custom Info Object (Key Figure)
  • Transferring Standard Data Source from R3 to BW
  • Installation of Business Content ODS Object
  • Creation of Custom Info Cube
  • Loading Flat File data into InfoCube
  • Creation of Reports Using Query Designer

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