2 Days Training to SAP BASIS WAS 7.0

Find below links to very extensive, in-depth documentation to SAP Basis Web Application Server 7.00 module.

SAP Basis Day 1 Training Content:

  • Define and analyze Enterprise Resource Planning:
  • Define an ERP, Relate SAP to an ERP, Understand the evolution of SAP, Identify the components of SAP, Understand SAP Netweaver Concept, Understand the various kinds of Client-Server Architecture from SAP perspective., Know SAP’s Release and Maintenance Strategy

  • Identify the different phases of SAP Project Lifecycle
  • Explain SAP Basis Administration:
  • Recognize the basic tasks related to SAP basis administration, Interpret how to navigate though the SAP Interface, Explain SAP GUI Frontend
    Describe a logon group, Explain how to access help in SAP, Categorize the important SAP administrative tasks

SAP Basis Day 2 Training Content:

  • Interpret the fundamentals of SAP WAS:
  • Interpret the architecture of SAP Web Application Server (WAS), Describe ABAP and JAVA Processes, Identify the different types of SAP WAS

  • Describe Work Processes and SAP Directory Structure:
  • Identify the various components of an SAP ABAP work process, Describe work process multiplexing, Put in your own words the concept of update processing, Put in your own words the concept of logical locks, List the various OS level directories in an SAP system

  • Analyze start and stop of SAP system:
  • Describe the start sequence of an ABAP+JAVA System, Analyze how to start and stop an SAP system using SAP MMC, JAVA MC or command line argument, Recall the JAVA instance from ABAP interface

Download – 2 Days Training to SAP BASIS WAS 7.0

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