ABAP Objects Presentations for Beginners

Introduced with the release of SAP Basis 4.5 in 1990s, ABAP Object Oriented Programming (ABAP OOP) has many new features over conventional ABAP Programming. If you are not familiar with ABAP Objects yet, this post will provide you 3 presentations to give you a general overview. Highlights from documents are as following:

1. Fundamentals of ABAP Objects:

  • Recognize the concept of Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Identify the features of Object Oriented Programming
  • Recall the history of ABAP Object Oriented Programming
  • Advantages of ABAP OOP over conventional ABAP Procedural Programming
  • Analyze the basic building blocks of ABAP Objects

2. ABAP Objects Advanced:

  • Define Inheritance
  • Interpret Interfaces
  • Interpret Friends
  • Define and trigger Events
  • Handle Events
  • Register Events
  • Describe the runtime environment for Event processing
  • Define Global classes and interfaces

3. ABAP Objects – Obsolote Statements

  • Describe the context of obsolescence of certain syntax in ABAP Language
  • Describe some of the most common examples of obsolete ABAP syntax

Download – ABAP Objects Presentations for Beginners

Note:Do not only view presentations in Slide Mode, as there are vital notes under slides in edit mode.

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