Comprehensive ABAP Dictionary Exercises Document for Beginners

In this document you will find a set of ABAP Dictionary sample exercises with solutions, step-by-step screenshots and in-depth explanations. In exercises you will do practices for following scenarios:

Exercises in first chapter will teach you how to create and manipulate the basic objects to be used for a simplified payroll processing system in ABAP Dictionary: tables, data elements, and domains. You will also enter data into one of your tables, and you will learn how to write a simple program that extracts data from an ABAP Dictionary table.

In addition to exercises in first chapter, you will take a step further by establishing appropriate foreign keys in the ABAP Dictionary in second chapter.

In chapter 3 you will become familiar with manipulating existing tables, their structures, and their data.

In chapter 4 you will learn how to creat and use structures (tables of type INTTAB) in SAP.

The purpose of chapter 5 is to give you experience using the ABAP Repository Information System. This facility can provide a great deal of information on objects created and maintained within SAP.

and you will find more minor exercises in this document…

Download – Comprehensive ABAP Dictionary Exercises Document for Beginners

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