Shared Objects in ABAP: Exercises

With shared objects in ABAP it is possible to share common data on one application server of a SAP system between different user session. In the first exercise you will define your own shared object area and use it to share sample data between two different programs. In the second exercise you will adapt the shared object area for high availability and automatic preloading.

All exercises are done by a team of two. Because all teams will work within the same SAP system, the names of global objects must be uniquely for every team. For this reason all global names used in this description will end with XX. The speaker will give every team a unique number. Please, substitute the XX in all global names with your team number (e.g. ZCL_MY_AREA_XX becomes ZCL_MY_AREA_01 for team number 1). All  object to be created are only system local object so no transport request is necessary.

Download – Shared Objects ABAP Exercises

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