Best Practices & Learning’s On SAP ABAP: Hardcoding Angels & Demons

The word “hard-coding” will make any SAP consultant serious. Consultants always doubt the enhancement / reports / programs which has hard coded logic. Because they believe that it may work temporarily and not a permanent solution to the requirement. So, should it be avoided 100%? As per SAP experience of this document’s author, hard coding has not to be avoided 100%. Hard coding has to be used in most of the ABAP programming to meet the requirement. But the ABAP consultant has to understand what can be hard coded, how and why? Author of this document aims to differentiate good and bad practices of hard coding in this document.

This document is intended for ABAP consultants. Also, will help the functional consultant to prepare a better functional specification to avoid reworking. The document will help the consultant to understand the hard coding concept with some samples which are taken from the SAP projects.

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