PP Transactional Flow

Step 1: Material Master
Logistics > Production > Master Data > Material Master > Material > Create General > Immediately MM01

Step 2: BOM creation
Logistics > Production > Master Data > Bills of Material > Bills of Material > Material BOM > Create CS01

Step 3: Work Center creation
Logistics > Production > Master Data > Work Center > ( New Screen ) Work Center > Create CR01

Step 4: Route creation
Logistics > Production > Master Data > Routings > Routings > Routing > Create CA01

Step 5: PIR Generation
Logistics> Production>production planning>demand management>PIR>Create MD61

Step 6: MRP Run
Logistics>Materials Management>Material planning>MRP>MRP>Total Planning>Online MD01 


Logistics > Production > MRP > MRP > Sng-Item, Multi-Level MD02

Step 7: Evaluation through MRP list and Stock requirement list
Logistics>Materials Management>Materials Planning>MRP>Evaluations>MRP List>Individual Display MD05

Logistics>Materials Management>Materials Planning>MRP>Evaluations>Stock Requirements List MD04

Step 8: Conversion of Planned order to Production order

Logistics > Production > Production control > Order > Create > With a planned order CO40


Logistics >Production > Production control >Order > Create >With material CO01(For creating production order Without planned order)

Step 9: Order management
Logistics >Production > Production control >Order > Change >With material CO02

Step10: Confirmations
Logistics >Production >Production control >Confirmation >Enter >For order CO15


Logistics >Production >Production control >Confirmation >Enter >For Operation >For time ticket CO11N

Step11: Goods issue
1. Logistics >Production >Production Control >Environment >Goods Movement >Goods Issue

2. Logistics >Materials Management >Inventory Management >Goods Movement >Goods Issue MB1A–261Movement type

Step12: Goods receipt
Logistics > Production > Production Order > Environment > Material Movement > Post Mat to Stock


Logistics > Materials Management > Inventory Management > Goods Movement > Good Receipt > For Order MB31

Step13: Techo Or Close Order.

This can be done from Prd. Order Header menu.

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