SAP MM Requirements for Setting up Plant

In SAP MM materials management, Plant represents a location where valuated stocks are maintained. In other cases, plant can also be looked at as a location for maintaining or servicing. Transaction code OX10 can be used to define a plant in SAP. However, SAP MM requires certain pre-requisites before a plant can be defined in SAP. The three maiin requirements for configuring plant are country keys, factory calendar and region keys.

Country Key – The SAP system comes preinstalled with country keys, however if country key does not exist for the client’s country, the same will need to be defined.

Factory Calendar – The second requirement before defining a plant is configuration of a factory calendar. The factory calendar contains the workdays, public holidays, and company holidays. Even though the system has pre-defined factory calendars, these are required to be tailored based on the needs of the customers.

Region Keys – Region keys are similar to country keys, however, the region keys identif the province associated with the country.

All the above three criteria needs to be configured in the system before a plant can be configured. The menu path to define a plant in the system is available through: IMG >> Enterprise Structure >> Defintion >> Logistics >> General >> Define, Copy, Delete, Check Plant.

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