SAP MM Subcontracting Process Guide

This Subcontracting Process in SAP MM PDF document, prepared by SAP MM Consultant Mohammed Murtuza Siddiqui, provides an in-depth look at the subcontracting procurement process within SAP Materials Management. Subcontracting, where a procuring entity supplies components to a subcontractor for manufacturing a final product, is detailed through a practical scenario involving the ordering, supplying components, and receiving assembled items. The document outlines key steps for executing a subcontracting process, including maintaining stock, creating BOMs, setting up subcontracting POs, and handling material issues, receipts, and invoice verification, accompanied by relevant SAP transaction codes and accounting document verification.

Key topics mentioned in the guide are:

  • Subcontracting definition and importance.
  • Scenario description.
  • Detailed step-by-step execution of the subcontracting process.
  • Accounting entries and invoice verification.

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Release Strategy Configuration in SAP MM

This PDF document, authored by Mohammed Murtuza Siddiqui, an SAP MM Consultant, provides a comprehensive guide on the release strategy process within SAP Materials Management (MM). The release strategy is essential for managing approval requirements for internal and external documents like purchase requisitions and orders, ensuring that purchase orders are approved by designated roles before proceeding. The document outlines scenarios based on purchase order values and the corresponding approval processes, detailed steps for configuring the release strategy in SAP MM.

Key sections covered in the document include:

  • Definition and importance of release strategy in SAP MM.
  • Scenario-based approval process for purchase orders.
  • Detailed steps for configuring the release strategy, including:
    • Copying and configuring standard PO document types.
    • Defining characteristics, class, release groups, codes, and indicators.
  • Execution of the release strategy with practical testing scenarios for different PO values.

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