Building and Maintenance of Roles

PFCG is the transaction you use to create and maintain security roles in SAP. PFCG, or profle generator, is a powerful tool that allows the security administrator to quickly build security roles by frst building a menu of transactions that instruct the profle generator to bring in authorization objects that you then maintain authorization values for based on the requirements you are trying to meet.

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SAP Basis and Security Administration

SAP  BASIS  addresses  all  security  issues  by  incorporating  an  authorization module. With increased potential for security breaches in the computer systems around  the  world,  BASIS  consultants  face  a  tough  task  of  maintaining  the integrity and administering the security of SAP systems. Interoperability features of a SAP system makes this task a bit more difficult.

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SAP Basis Information Toolkit

In these documents you will get tips and tricks of Basis Operations on Windows,UNIX and Linux.Besides you will get answer to those questions;


what do I need to backup?
how often do I need to backup?
what are my backup options?

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SAP Basis 10 Days Trainings

Introduction to the R/3 Basis System

Architecture/System landscape.
R/3 Client/Server Architecture.
Instance Concept
Central and Distributed Instances.
Work Process Overview.
Interaction between Work Processes.
Application Services.
Data Structure of SAP.

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