ABAP Report Generator

Many reports are simply built on a SQL query, that mostly can be restricted via select options. A report puts the result usually into an ABAP list, ALV list or ALV grid. The core of the report is the query itself, the rest is always the same boring and repetitive work: definition of types, declaration of variables and internal tables, displaying the output. Putting this together takes at least a few hours, or even one or two days. Now there a new tool that can amazingly accelerate the implementation of reports: you only have to write the query, and the program will generate the complete ABAP source code of the report! This can reduce the development time to a few minutes.

The Hovitaga Report Generator is built on top of the Hovitaga OpenSQL Editor so they have basically the same UI:

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The OpenSQL Editor for SAP has finally arrived

You also think that an SQL Editor is missing from the SAP environment? Not any more! Hovitaga developed an SAP add-on that greatly extends the ABAP Workbench.

The main feature of the OpenSQL Editor is that it can instantly execute every syntactically correct SELECT statement. You can join multiple tables and use complex WHERE clauses, there are no limitations. Just build your query, press F8 and see the result in a ALV Grid or ALV Tree. There is no easier way to get this done! Your possibilities go far beyond the SE16N and the tool is much more flexible than the SAP Query. Besides that you can also execute UPDATE and DELETE commands, but only if you have the proper authorizations.

Let’s take a closer look.

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