ABAP Programming Tutorials with Given Scenarios

In this tutorial document, following topics of ABAP Programming is covered with given scenarios:

  • Defining Data with the ABAP Editor
  • Performing Operations in ABAP
  • Using ABAP Statements
  • Creating an ABAP Program
  • Working with Internal Tables
  • Classical Reporting in ABAP
  • Interactive Reporting in ABAP
  • Creating an Interactive Report Program
  • ABAP Classes
  • Properties of ABAP Objects
  • Using Classes in ABAP

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Practical Tips on the ABAP Development

This document aims provide practical tips, thoughts on maintainability and efficient creation of customer-specific developments in ABAP environment.

  • Programming Guidelines
  • Performance
  • Robustness
  • ABAP Security and Compliance
  • Documentation of development objects
  • Feasability and Enforceability
  • Infrastructure and Lifecycle Management

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Good ABAP Programming Practice Manual in SAP BW incl. HANA

Created by a 14 year experienced author, You will find the key to open the door of good ABAP programming practice in the pages of this book. You can read this book from the beginning to end and later use it as a manual for daily reference .
If you have prior experience with BW and APAB, you will find many hints for improving your coding. If you are new to this topic, after reading this book, you can begin coding without falling into simple beginner trap

  • Your First Time with the Editor
  • Good Data Modelling
  • The Start Routine
  • Loop over the Data
  • Lookups
  • Coding Hints for This and That
  • Start or End Routine?
  • Practical Examples
  • All about Dates, Months, and Years
  • All about Internal Tables
  • Generic ABAP
  • Performance Analyze and Debugging
  • ABAP and HANA
  • All about the SELECT in SAP BW for HANA
  • Good Naming

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ABAP 101 Exercises for Beginners – Starting from Scratch

Different than other books available in the market, this book only contains exercises. This book focuses on practices which the main idea
is to focus on the first steps you will need before deeping inside more complex ones.

  • Learn how to use Data Types and Data Objects
  • Create executable programs using Imperative Logic
  • Split your program into many Form Routines
  • Build Selection Screens to get user’s input

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An Introduction to ABAP Programming

In this Introduction to ABAP Programming course the participants will learn about:

  • ABAP Editor and basics of an ABAP Program
  • Simple Output Statement
  • Data Declarations in ABAP
  • Control Statements
  • SELECT Statement
  • Internal Tables

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Introduction to ABAP Workbench

In this Introduction to ABAP Workbench course the participants will:

  • Learn the basics of ABAP Workbench
  • Introduce the Tools available in the Workbench
  • Explain the Standart Menus in the Workbench

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Advanced Techniques in ABAP Programming

In this ABAP Programming Advanced Techniques course the participants will learn:

  • To define and call Subroutines
  • To Maintain and Call Function Modules
  • Selection Crtieria for ABAP Report Programs
  • Advanced Reporting using ABAP
  • ALV Reporting
  • Logical Databases and Usage
  • Background Processing of Programs

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