SAP Exercise on ALV Report

The purpose of this development is to display sales order flow information like sales orders, delivery orders and billing documents. User can download or send email this report.

  1. Report need to contain sales order information, delivery information and billing information and need to display totals and sub-totals of the amount based on the sales order no delivery document number and billing document number.
  2. User can display or download or send mail based on selection of check boxes.

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ALV Robot:ALV Report Generator

This site is intended to help ABAP programmers on the creation of ALV reports by automatically generating source code using a specially designed template.

This way ALV reports get done easier and faster. Also, as they are all made from the same template, standards get honored. The generated source is not messy nor complicated. Is as readable, simple and straight-forward as any other program created by yourself!

Visit ALV Report Generator site–> ALV Robot

Using the ALV Grid in SAP Reports

After a report has been generated, there are many options available for customizing the data within the ALV grid. The paper below gives more information for:

Modifying Columns
Navigating Subtotals
Change,Delete and Delete a Report Layout
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ABAP Training Set 3: Interactive Reporting, ALV

Interactive Reporting,ALV


Chapter 01 Introduction to Interactive Reporting
Chapter 02 ABAP Events
Chapter 03 The AT PF ## Event
Chapter 04 The AT USER-COMMAND Event and Menu Painter
Chapter 05 Step-by-Step Instructions for Making a GUI
Chapter 06 Review of Concepts-Work Areas & Internal Tables
Chapter 07 The AT-LINE SELECTION Event (SY-LISEL vs. HIDE)
Chapter 08 Multiple Line Selection

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