Introductory Guides to Product Costing in SAP Controlling

In this 2 part of series, you will find notes for the SAP functionality of product costing along with the corresponding configuration settings.

In first part, you will get an overview of:

  • Cost Component Structure overview
  • Master data for product costing (materials, BoM, Recipe etc.)
  • Costing variants
  • Valuation variant
  • Transfer Control concepts
  • Costing type, Costing version, Marking allowance
  • Costing sheets for overheads
  • Cost center planning and activity rates
  • Joint production, co-products, by-products
  • Costing of materials sourced from other plants

and in second part, you will get an overview of following topics:

  • Process Order Costing
  • Overheads Application
  • Period End: WIP/Variances/Settlement
  • FI Entries for Process Order Steps and PE Closing
  • Actual Activity Price Calculation and Cost Center absorption

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