Reports Used in Credit Management

Following reports are provided by SAP used in Credit Management

RFDKLI10 Customers with missing Credit Data
RFDKLI20 Re-organization of Credit Limit for Customers
RFDKLI30 Short Overview of Credit Limit
RFDKLI40 Overview of Credit Limit
RFDKLI41 Credit Master Sheet
RFDKLI42 Early Warning List (of Critical Customers)
RFDKLI43 Master Data List
RFDKLI50 Mass change of Credit Limit Data
RVKRED06 Checking Blocked Credit Documents
RVKRED08 Checking Credit Documents which reach the Credit Horizon
RVKRED09 Checking the Credit Documents from Credit View
RVKRED77 Re-organization of SD Credit Data

SAP Credit Management Overview

This report allows you to display and print out those customers in credit management who are to be seen as critical within the credit checks in SD. In this context, a critical customer is one who, as a result of data you have defined in Customizing for credit management (under Sales and Distribution -> Basic Functions) in the activity Define Automatic Credit Control would not pass the following individual checks (carried out using information from the A/R summary)
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