Invoice With Clearing in SAP

This interactive sime video tutorial describes the process of issuing a vendor invoice and explains how the invoice is paid by check or bank transfer. Follow scenarios are covered step by step;

  • Create Vendor Invoice [T.Code: FB60]
  • Payments [T.Code: F110]

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Down Payment Process in SAP: Request, Posting and Clearing

This interactive sim video tutorial shows you the step-by-step processes of the following mentioned scenarios;

  • Vendor Down Payment Request [T.Code: F-47]
  • Automatic Payment [T.Code: F110]
  • Display/Change Line Items [FBL1N]
  • Vendor Down Payment Clearing [F-54]

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Some SAP FI Tips Documentation

In this post, you will find solutions to some common problems any SAP FI users may encounter in their daily business processes of the following:

  • Why are my invoices not selected in F110 ?
  • How to zero out an account balance in local currency ? (FBB1)
  • How to post to a VAT account ? (FB41)
  • Modifying Header Text in Line Item Reports
  • Drill Down Reporting in SAP FI

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