Lockbox Processing Configuration in SAP

Lockbox is an account in the House Bank which handles the receipt and processing of incoming payments in SAP. This service is mainly provided by banks in the United States. When ever a sales is made party will credit payment to this lock box account in terms of certain invoice in house bank so in that scenario bank will update the data every day by sending a BAI1 and BAI2 (bank adminstrative institute ) files for you to import and apply in Accounts Receivable.
In the following, you will find a step by step configuration procedures of Lockbox Process.

  • Define House Banks (FI12)
  • Define Lockboxs of House Banks (OB10)
  • Define Control Parameters (OBAY)
  • Define Posting Data (OBAX)
  • Define Tolerance Groups for Employees (OBA4)
  • Define Tolerances (Customers/Vendors) (OBA3)
  • Define Accounts for Overpayments/Underpayments (OBXL)
  • Import the Lockbox File (FLB2)

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