SAP MM Inventory Management Sim Video Tutorials Package

Similar to Purchasing Video Tutorials I shared before, in this post you will find step-by-step guides for the commonly used Inventory Management related processes in SAP. You can see some of them below;

  • Create / Change / Display Reservation [MB21], [MB22], [MB23]
  • Goods Receipt Reference to Purchase Order [MIGO]
  • Goods Receipt into GR Blocked Stock [MIGO]
  • Goods Release from Blocked Stock [MIGO]
  • Return Delivery from Blocked Stock [MIGO]
  • Goods Issue Reference to Reservation [MIGO_GI]
  • Transfer Posting Plant-to-Plant [MIGO_TR]
  • Cancellation of Material Document [MIGO_TR]
  • Create Physical Inventory  Document [MI01]
  • Activate Posting Block [MI02]

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Goods Issue Process in SAP MM

This guide has been designed for employees who will be responsible for Goods Issue on the SAP System.

Upon completing this course you will be able to:

  • Execute a Goods Issue for a Reservation on the SAP System [MIGO_GI]
  • Perform Goods Issue to Scrap Process [MIGO]
  • Picking List [MB26]
  • Display Material Document [MB03]

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