SAP Inventory Planning and Monitoring Manual

The Materials Management module includes two sub-modules; procurement and inventory management. Inventory management entails the planning and control of material stocks by quantity and value. It also includes the planning, data entry and documentation of all goods movements to, from, and within the storage locations in the stock plant. Any transaction that will cause a change of stock is entered in real time and the resulting update of the stock takes place immediately. This provides the user with an overview of the stock level of any material that is always current.

The objective of this document is to provide an overview of the business process for the inventory cycle from the creation of a material master, procurement, [MIGO] goods receipt, [MB1A] goods issue and the physical inventory process.

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Fundamental Guide to SAP Procurement Processes

Materials Management covers all tasks within the supply chain, including consumption-based planning, purchasing, vendor evaluation, and invoice verification. It also includes inventory and warehouse management to manage stock until usage dictates the cycle should begin again.
The purpose of the MM-Materials Management module is to provide detailed support for the day-to-day activities of every type of business that entails the consumption of material.

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Advanced Procurement Manual in SAP

Manual purchase requisitions will be created at the activity level, including the approval process and will be forwarded to the regional office for processing into the SAP system.

Purchase orders (PO) will be prepared using the SAP system, signed by the Contracting Officer and forwarded to the vendor for processing. Copies of the purchase orders will be forwarded to the requesting activity and receiving agent.

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