Field Descriptions of Sales Document Type

Configuration of Sales document- T-code VOV8

(Menu path: IMG- Sales and distribution-sales-Sales documents-Sales document header-Define sales dociment type.If you require Copy the sales document types and make necessary changes. Read more

SAP Sales and Distribution Tutorials from SAP HELP

Find below official SAP SD help documents.

Sales (SD-SLS)
Sales and Distribution (SD)
Sales and Distribution (SD)
Sales and Distribution
Sales and Distribution (SD) Workflow Scenarios
Sales and Operations Planning (LO-LIS-PLN)
Sales Employee (PA-PA)
Sales Support: Computer-Aided Selling (CAS)
Reports and Analyses (SD)
Pricing and Conditions

Consignment in SAP SD

In SAP consignment is one the special procurement type. Under consignment when goods are procured from the vendor, these are physically stored in company’s premises but these goods are not the property of the company. These goods still belong to the supplier. This is the nature of ownership of the stocks which differentiate it from company’s other stock. All this stock is widely known as consignment stock in SAP. Read more


SD-MM Integration

In the standard SAP, with the standard configuration setting, for both Material Management as well as for Sales & Distribution, when we go for third party processing with SD components the systems take care of all the transaction automatically. Hence no extra efforts are required by consultants to meet the client requirement. Read more

SAP SD Billing Document Consolidation and Splitting Guide


Most organizations run the billing due list nightly to create billing documents. Quite often there are questions related to how and why certain deliveries or orders combine, or fail to combine, on billing documents. This document will explain how the standard system works and provide examples of how the standard logic can be enhanced. Read more

Business Processes in Sales Order Management

SCM600 mySAP ERP Sales and Services


Organizational structures in sales and distribution
Working with customer master data and material master data in sales
Overview of the process chain for sales order processing
Presales activities, order processing, procurement, delivery, billing, payment
Introduction to pricing in sales and distribution
Introduction to the availability check Read more

Make to Order Sim Tutorials

The tutorial focuses on

  • Sales order-independent production by MTS (make-to-stock) production typology
  • The forecast of repetitive manufacturing products with consumption according to customer requirements
  • Make-to-stock production with external processing and subcontracting

Read more