SD Integration With Other Modules

Sales and Distribution integrates with a variety of other modules. Your company manages customer orders from initial request for product to the receipt and posting of customer payment as part of the Customer Order Management cycle.

To begin the cycle, your company typically enters customer orders which contain customer and product information, as well as delivery schedules. Order entry personnel use this information to advise customers about prices and delivery dates before they confirm an order. Here Sales and Distribution integrates with Materials Management for availability checking. For make to order product, Sales and Distribution integrates with Production Planning so that the product is made to satisfy the customer order requirement. Delivery and billing processing both integrate with Project Systems.

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Changing an Account Group

This topic explains why and how one can change the account group for a customer.

If, for example, a customer who has always fulfilled the function of a payer then takes on the role of a sold-to party, you have to assign the new function to the customer. However, since screen and field selection in the customer master record are controlled by the account group, you can only assign the other function by changing the account group.
Changes to the account group and the accompanying partner functions can only be made from a lower level to a higher level. For example, this means that a sold-to party cannot be assigned the function of a payer as fields which have already been maintained for this sold-to party would have to be masked. However, you can assign the sold-to party function to a payer.

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Routines in SD

Routines in SAP SD

Any Business requirement can be met through Standard Configuration or any customized development.
Customized requirements in SD consists of Program, Routines, Exits, BAPI & BADI etc..

Following is the process of creation of Routines:
Routines in Sales & Distribution plays a vital role .Business Requirements can be met by creating and configuring in required applications i.e. it can be a Copy control Routine or any Pricing Requirement Routine or any Out Put Requirement Routine.

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Output Determination Configuration in SAP SD

Output Determination in SAP:
Purpose:The Output Determination component offers output functions to help manage sales transactions with customers and within an organization.Employees can send and receive output. Output is directly linked to the corresponding sales transaction like sending an order confirmation via EDI as soon an order is created.
This presentation is aimed at the basic configurations needed to achieve this in SAP SD.

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SAP SD Useful Notes

1, The sales areas include: sales organization, distribution channel, division.

2, A delivery is always carried out by one shipping point only. The shipping point is assigned to a plant. The loading points are assigned to shipping points.

3, A consumer is a natural, private business partner with whom you have a relationship involving the transfer of goods and services. you create cutomer master records for bussiness partners who are consumers.

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