Configuration & End User Guide to SAP FI Accounts Payable

This manual describes how Accounts Payable related configuration and key-user transactions are maintained in SAP. Each instruction is provided with screenshots from SAP, and see the list of content covered in this guide as following:

  • Creation of Vendor Account Groups [OBD3]
  • Create No Ranges for Vendor Account Groups [XKN1]
  • Assign No Ranges to Vendor Account Groups [OBAS]
  • Define Tolerance Group for Vendors [OBA3]
  • Creation of GL Accounts [FS00]
  • Define Document Number Ranges [OBA7/FBN1]
  • Creation of Vendor Master [XK01]
  • Purchase Invoice Posting [F-43]
  • How to View Party [FBL1N]
  • Manual Outgoing Payment [F-53]
  • Link between Creditors and Advance Payment to Vendors [OBYR]
  • Advance Payment Posting [F-48]
  • View the Vendor Account [FBL1N]
  • Transfer of Advance from Special GL to Normal by clearing Special GL Items [F-54]
  • View Vendor Balances [FBL1N]
  • Manual Outgoing Payment [F-53]
  • Automatic Outgoing Payments [FBZP]
  • Automatic Payment program Run [F110]

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SAP Implementation of FI and CO Modules: A Reallife Project

Being prepared as a thesis project, this document is a good reference to implementation of SAP ERP through various phases of ASAP Methodologies and it contains related configuration instructions based upon company’s requirements mainly for Finance and Controlling modules, but some MM and PP related configurations are also maintained. The objective of this document is:

  • To study the concepts of preparing business blueprint
  • To explain about phases of ASAP Methodology
  • To brief about step by step Realization part of FI , CO

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