SAP GRC Migration from 5.3 to 10: Step by Step Configuration Guide

This document contains the migration steps of GRC Access Control from 5.3 to 10.1 SP4 version in SAP. Before starting the migration, check the AC 10.1 is properly installed which also includes the plug-ins on all AC backend systems. Upgrade the AC 5.X server to AC 5.3 SP20 level. The following steps describe the migration process which is covered in detail.

  1. Complete the Pre-requisites
  2. Export the SPM data
  3. Export the configuration, master, and transactional data (AC 5.3 only). Then copy the exported data to the import location
  4. Import the common configuration data into AC 10.1
  5. Complete the intra-migration tasks
  6. Import the application data into AC 10.1
  7. Complete the post-import tasks.
  8. Validate the data

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