End User Manual for SAP Project System (PS)

This documents provides end user guide tp SAP Project System module which comprises following topics

  • Project Structuring
    • Project creation from standart template
    • Network addition to project
  • Cost Planning
  • Budget
    • Budget allocation
    • Budget release
    • Budget supplement
    • budget return
  • Status Management
    • Project release
    • WBS release
    • Lock / Unlock WBS
    • Prject close
  • Network Dates
    • Maintaining vendor dates
    • Maintaining actual dates
  • Periodic Settlement
  • Maintaining settlement rule
  • Capitalization (Final settlement)

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SAP PS End User Manual: Step by Step

This manual for SAP Project Systems (PS) module contains all essential information for the end-users to make full use of the system. This manual includes a description of the system with step-by-step procedures explained of the following topics;

  • Basics of Project System in R/3
  • Project Process Flow
  • Create Project Template
  • Create Standard Network
  • Create Project Structure
  • Create Cost Planning
  • Project Scheduling
  • Assigning Material to Project
  • Assigning Service Activities to project
  • Project Budgeting
  • Release Budget
  • Document Management System
  • Project Release for Execution
  • Purchase Requistion Process
  • MRP Run on Project / WBS
  • Project Closing

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