Form Steps in Webflow Engine

Form steps are a new insertable step type in SAP’s WebFlow Engine available in all WAS (Web Application Server) system. They enable the quick and easy creation of simple forms. These forms can be used:

  • To start a workflow
  • In a work item that displays the form
  • In a work item that changes the form
  • In a work item that approves the form

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SAP Workflow Troubleshooting Guide

This article focuses on practical techniques used to assist in the debugging and resolving workflow issues during the development and production support phases of SAP implementations. The SAP Workflow application incorporates the use of several components, i.e. graphical editing tool (workflow builder), some object orientated concepts (use of the Business Object Repository), ABAP, and a hook/trigger mechanism into one of the SAP application modules (FI, CO, MM, etc).

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Workflow for Dummies

The Part I of Workflows Introduction gives the basic details about the workflow usage as a tool and the features involved. In Part II, the details about the workflow builder will be explained. In the part III, more details about Workflow Builder will be covered. In subsequent parts Business Object Builder & details about the runtime analysis tools of workflows will be discussed.

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Workflow Tutorials for Various SAP Modules

Here are documents of workflow on SAP

General Logistics Workflow Scenarios
Integration with SAP Business Workflow
Real Estate Management: Workflow Scenarios
Sales and Distribution (SD) Workflow Scenarios
Treasury: Workflow Scenarios
Cross-Application Components: Workflow Scenarios
Materials Management: Workflow Scenarios

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