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SAP BI – Entreprise Data Warehouse

The Entreprise Data Warehouse is a core component of the SAP Business Intelligence module. One which is vital to keeping the data integrity and stored in an efficient way to for reporting.

You will also learn about the basic functions of a BI consultant and how the Enterprise Data Warehouse is one of the most important tools for you as a Business Intelligence consultant.
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Introduction to SAP Business Intelligence

SAP Business Intelligence is one of the modules of SAP based on the Netweaver platform. It offers reporting and analysis on a company’s data. Most of the time, this data is in the terabyte range.

Here is a an introduction into SAP Businesss Intelligence and how it helps companies stay ahead of the competition by getting real-time up-to-date reporting.
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Introduction to SAP – SAP Training Part 01

In this video, you will learn a little bit about the origin of SAP and its founders. SAP, the company has been around for a while. The software they provide are used by a lot of the top companies in the world and for a right reason: It helps them streamline their processes.

You will also learn more about the companies that implement the software in their daily business
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SAP Business Intelligence Reporting Guides

This article contain guidelines step by processes for

  • How to create a basic ad hoc query in BEx Query Designer using the Financials InfoCube
  • How to modify an existing ad hoc query and add features to the basic query
  • How to add Confidential InfoObjects and Security Variables to the ad hoc query

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Upgrading from BW 3.x to BI 7.0 Guide

The BW upgrade is necessary  based on clients decision use SAP BW as the corporate standard data warehousing tool. The current BW3.1 version of the software is nearing its end of life and would require additional and non-standard support from the vendor.

To remind you, SAP BW was known as SAP BI from the BW 7.0 onwards. But recently SAP has changed naming from SAP BI to SAP BW again. There are also some more confusing naming changes every beginners should be aware.

In this document author shares his experiences during the upgradation process of BW 3.x system to BI 7.0.  As part of this project you will see also following processes

  • Database and operation system will be also upgraded
  • Production server hardware will be augmented
  • Development and test environment servers and storage will be replaced with two upgraded full-sized environments
  • Existing development and test architecture will be decommissioned and evaluated for use on other ongoing projects as needed

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Naming Conventions in Exchange Infrastructure (XI)

This document provides naming conventions for objects in the System Landscape Directory (SLD), Integration Repository, and integration Directory.

Consider the naming conventions provided as recommendations only. No particular standards for Naming Conversion in XI projects and it varies from client to client. If you choose to deviate from the recommendations, ensure that you nevertheless always follow the same general principle described. Read more

Periodic Jobs and Tasks in SAP BW

This whitepaper, provided by SAP, is a must for those use SAP BW and it provides recommendations about jobs and tasks that have to be performed on a regular basis to ensure system performance and stability in a BW system. It may be also useful for you to check Daily BW Systems Checklist

  • Support Package Strategy
  • Backup Strategy
  • Transports and SAP Notes
  • Monitoring Basis Jobs
  • Monitoring Application
  • Monitoring Query Performance
  • Create, Delete Aggregates
  • Data Management and more…

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