Naming Conventions in Exchange Infrastructure (XI)

This document provides naming conventions for objects in the System Landscape Directory (SLD), Integration Repository, and integration Directory.

Consider the naming conventions provided as recommendations only. No particular standards for Naming Conversion in XI projects and it varies from client to client. If you choose to deviate from the recommendations, ensure that you nevertheless always follow the same general principle described. Read more

Alert Configuration in XI

An alert is a notification informing its recipients that a critical or very important situation has arisen. The situation is as severe that an action must be taken immediately in order to resolve the situation. The system recognizes the situation and sends the alert. Alerts can be used to prevent delays in the processing of critical situations, because the time between discovering and responding to such situations is reduced considerably.
Now you will go through the steps required for Alert Configuration within this material. Read more

What is XI?

XI nowadays called PI (Process Integration). As it takes the responsibility of process of integrating different SAP and nonSAP systems in the Heterogeneous Landscape (network of different computers). Exchange Infrastructure can be used as a Middleware Engine to communicate in a distributed environment. The heart of XI is Integration Engine that is used for integrating different technologies using Standard Messaging techniques, e.g XML. Different mapping tools are available for mapping the distributed system which can be mapped without having any expertise of Technical Details. As a real world example, XI can be helpful in integrating different banks with SAP R/3. XI Engine also support previous releases of SAP R/3 like 4.6C and have many more adapters to communicate with legacy systems. Read more

Frequently Used Transactions for XI Developers

Here are listed an overview of the most frequently used transactions and URLs, aimed at XI developers

XI Transactions
SXMB_IFR Start Integration Builder
SXMB_MONI Integration Engine – Monitoring
SXI_MONITOR XI: Message Monitoring
SLDCHECK Test SLD Connection
SXMB_ADM Integration Engine – Administration
SXI_CACHE XI Directory Cache
SXMB_MONI_BPE Process Engine – Monitoring
SWF_XI_CUSTOMIZING Automatic BPM Customizing

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