SAP ABAP Training Classroom Notes

This hand written notes of ABAP training classroom consists of ~300 pages in PDF Format. Notes describe some basics concepts of SAP ABAP programming in full details with examples in programming format.

These notes enables newbies to understand ABAP programming concepts and terminology and provide them solid foundation for developing codes. Read more

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Printer Settings Guide for SAPscript and SAP Smart Forms

Print Options for SAPscript and Smart Forms (POSS) enables users to select individual print options depending on the selected printer model, such as input tray selection, stapling, double-sided printing etc. when printing a SAPscript or Smart Forms document. This means, printing a form generated from an SAP application by using SAPscript or Smart Forms tools.

This document describes implementation and usage of Print Options for SAPScript forms and SAP Smart Forms. Read more

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What Does SAP Stand For

One Man’s Wacky Search to Find the Truth Behind the Acronym

by Jon Reed

It’s a question that haunts me. You see, people are troubled by acronyms they don’t understand. Whether they need to know the answer is not relevant; their troubles will continue until their brains have a satisfactory definition. To this day, receive frequent emails asking me to explain what SAP stands for. I guess I should be grateful for email; if it didn’t exist, I’d get phone calls instead. The calls would go the same way, with me trying to decide whether to blurt out: “Don’t say ‘sap’, say ‘S’ ‘A’ ‘P’.”

The most common member of the “what does SAP stand for” gang is the “I’m new to SAP” person, or, more accurately, the “I want to be new to SAP” person. Mean recruiters call these folks “wannabes”, but only because companies won’t pay recruiting fees for them anymore. Back in the mid-90s, nobody was mocked as a “wannabe.” Everyone who had the word SAP on their resume was worth a $25,000 recruiting fee, whether they knew what SAP stood for or not. And if they had seen a live instance and configured a couple of screens, they could be as “sappy” as they wanted.

Beginner’s Guide to SAP

What is takes to be self-directed SAP Learner?

by Klaus

So you’re sitting in front of your PC, asking yourself “dude, how do I start learning SAP?“
Easy, slow down. First of all, you have to realize that your current job is the foundation of your SAP career – understand SAP as an extension of your existing profession!

Due to this fact, it’s very easy to make your choice about the destination of your SAP career, because SAP only offers three different types of SAP Professionals:

  • Solution Consultants resp. Application Associate
  • Technology Consultants resp. Technology Associate
  • Development Consultants resp. Development Associate