A Great List of SAP Controlling End-User Manuals

As you know, in my previous post i shared Financials End-User Manuals. In this post i will extend end-user manuals for Controlling module which you will find step by step procedures for Cost Centre and Profit Centre sub-modules similarly in previous post.

Profit Centre

  • Block Profit Center
  • Change in Profit Center Hierarchy
  • Change Profit Center Master Data
  • Create Profit Center
  • Create Profit Center Group
  • Profit Center Planning
  • Unblock Profit Center

Download SAP CO Profit Centre End-User Manuals

Cost Centre

  • Cost Element Group
  • Create Statistical Key Figure
  • Period Lock in Controlling
  • Change Cost Centre Master Data
  • Change Cost Centre Standard Hierarchy
  • Create Cost Center Group
  • Create Cost Centre Master Data
  • Create Primary Cost Element
  • Create Secondary Cost Element
  • Distribution of Cost

Download SAP CO Cost Centre End-User Manuals

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  1. Lim Kok Chean says:

    I am a SAP beginner. Do you think you can let me have your end user manual on report painter ?

    I find your end user manual on profit center & cost center very informative and simple to understand.

    By the way, may I contact you again when I have problem understanding SAP CO module ?

    Thank you.

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