Kit to Order Process Guide in SAP EWM


The Kit to Order (Kitting) is a process SAP EWM used to assemble Kits for an Outbound Delivery order. A Kit is a bill of material (BOM) comprising of a Kit header and Kit components.
In this step by step document, you will be guided through a simple kitting process in SAP EWM. Following topics are demonstrated an example practice scenario covered in both ECC and EWM;

  • Introduction to Kit to Order Process in SAP EWM
  • Benefits of SAP EWM’s Kit to Order Solution
  • Creating Sales Order in ECC System
  • Value Added Service Order in EWM System
  • Release Wave to Create the Warehouse Order
  • Confirm the Warehouse Order
  • Create Kit in Work Center
  • Move finished Kit from Work Center to Goods Issue Zone

Download – Kit to Order Process Guide in SAP EWM

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