The New ABAP Editor

The Code Editor is an ActiveX control that can be used to replace the standard source code editor (based on an SAP TextEditor) for any SAP system that supports ActiveX embedding. The reason for the replacement is that the standard RTF control, which the SAP TextEditor is based on, is not optimized for working with line-based text (as source code) and does not support modern code-editing functionality.

  • Powerful, Fully-Customizable Highlighting for Predefined Keywords, Comments, and Strings
  • Language Schemes
  • Fully-Customizable Display Functionality
  • Different Types of Word Wrap
  • Different Cursor and Caret Styles
  • Active Status Bar
  • Edit Functionality
  • Drag & Drop Editing
  • Clipboard Ring
  • Block Selection of Text in Addition to Normal Selection
  • Multiple Clipboard Formats
  • Extended “Pretty Print” Functionality
  • Automatic Brace and Structures Matching, Current Scope Displaying
  • Powerful Find/Replace Functionality
  • Incremental Search (Forward/Backward)
  • Code Outlining/Structuring
  • Code Hints
  • Quick Info
  • User-Defined Code Templates
  • Bookmarks
  • Scroll navigation
  • Printing with Previewing of documents in color
  • Window Splitter
  • Go to Line
  • Different Keyboard Schemes
  • External Files Handling
  • Export Functionality
  • XML Settings

Download – The New Abap Editor

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