ALE / IDoc Examples Documents for Novice ABAP Users

This document aims to help the ABAPers to set up the necessary configurations to send IDoc from one system to another. This document will provide developers a good starting point on how to start and where to start after studying all the theoretical aspects of ALE/IDoc.

Scope of scenarios on EDI systems is outside the scope of this document. Also, sending Idoc by message control mechanism is not described here. Not there is any discussion of sending Idoc using BAPI.

  • Client to Client ALE Setup
  • System to System ALE Setup
  • Two way Server to Server Communication with IDoc
  • Some important topics on IDoc
  • Developing and Transmitting New IDoc
  • Standard SAP Idoc Extension
  • Configurations and Programmings to Maintain Change Documents for new information
  • Configuring and Developing for Change Pointers for a custom message type
  • Downloading IDoc into Application server

Download – ALE / IDoc Examples Documents for Novice ABAP Users

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