Useful Tables and Functional Modules(Updated)


  1. To find all the tables used in a transaction use table : D010TAB (Get the main program of the transaction from SE93)
  2. To find all the tables which contains a specific field use table : DD03L ( For text DD03T)
  3. To find all the segments that contains a specific fields use table : EDSAPPL
  4. To find all the Idoc basic type that contains a specific segment use table: IDOCSYN
  5. To find all the Idoc extensions that contains a specific segment use table: CIMSYN
  6. To find all the parameter Id Use table : TPARA
  7. To get the main program of a include use FM : RS_GET_MAINPROGRAMS
  8. To get Function Modules and Includes Belonging to a Function Group : FUNCTION_INCLUDE_INFO, FUNCTION_INCLUDE_SPLIT
  9. To get all the inactive object by username Use table : DWINACTIV
  10. To get all the includes for any main program: table D010INC
  11. To get relations between classes/interfaces: table SEOMETAREL
  12. To find call relations between programs – function module – external subroutine calls etc: Table CROSS
  13. To find EDI Custom Extension Types use table : EDCIM
  14. To find the IDoc types use table : EDIDO ( Value table for IDoc types )
  15. To find IDoc Assignment of Function Module to logical message and IDoc type use table : EDIFCT
  16. To find IDoc Function Modules for creating file names use table : EDIFM
  17. To find EDI Message Types and Assignment to IDoc Types use table : EDIMSG
  18. To find all EDI segments of current release use table : EDSEA
  19. To find Views of customer model use table : TBD00 ( ALE Models )
  20. To find Communication relation between systems in ALE use table : TBD03
  21. To find Process code for outbound processing ( EDI ) use table : TEDE1
  22. To find Process code for inbound processing ( EDI ) use table : TEDE2
  23. To find Function modules for inbound ALE-EDI use table : TBD52
  24. To find all Status of IDoc use table : TEDS1

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