SAP EWM Complex Inbound Process with VAS using POSC Approach


This document provides a detailed walkthrough for setting up a complex inbound process involving value-added services (VAS) using the process-oriented storage control (POSC) approach in SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM). It covers the end-to-end scenario, starting from defining the necessary master data elements to executing the inbound process flow with VAS activities.

Key sections covered in the document:

  1. Introduction and scenario description
  2. Defining product packaging specifications
  3. Creating storage types, bins, and work centers for VAS
  4. Configuring process-oriented storage control (POSC) for VAS
  5. Setting up master data for packaging specifications
  6. Creating purchase orders and inbound deliveries
  7. Executing inbound process flow with VAS activities
  8. Confirming warehouse tasks and VAS execution
  9. Closing handling units (HUs) and final putaway
  10. Checking logs, posting periods, and stock verification

The document provides a comprehensive step-by-step guide with screenshots and transaction codes, covering all the necessary configurations and process steps required for implementing a complex inbound process with VAS using the POSC approach in SAP EWM.

Download PDF – SAP EWM Complex Inbound Process with VAS using POSC Approach

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