Configuring Lot Sizes for MRP in SAP S4HANA

This document, prepared by Ahmed Shafay, provides a comprehensive guide to the configuration and implementation of Material Requirements Planning (MRP) in SAP S/4HANA. It covers the key objectives, working principles, and different lot size types in MRP, along with detailed steps for configuring the necessary MRP settings, including defining MRP groups, special procurement types, and number ranges for purchase requisitions. The document then walks through three end-to-end test scenarios demonstrating the application of fixed lot size, replenishment up to maximum stock level, and exact lot size MRP procedures. This guide serves as a valuable resource for SAP users and consultants seeking to optimize their MRP processes and inventory management.

Key Sections:

  1. Introduction to MRP
  2. Lot Size Types
    • Fixed Lot Size
    • Replenishment up to Max (Fill to Max)
    • Exact Lot Size (Lot to Lot)
  3. MRP Configuration Steps in SAP
    • Define PR Document Type
    • Carry Out Overall Maintenance of MRP Groups
    • Set Number Range for PR-MRP
    • Define MRP Controller
    • Define MRP Groups
    • Define Special Procurement Type
  4. Test Scenarios
    • Scenario 1: Fixed Lot Size
    • Scenario 2: Replenishment up to Max (Fill to Max)
    • Scenario 3: Exact Lot Size (Lot to Lot)

Download – Configuring Lot Sizes for MRP in SAP S4HANA

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