MRP Procedures in SAP

This PDF document provides a comprehensive overview of SAP MRP (Material Requirements Planning) procedures, detailing different MRP types, customization settings, planning and execution examples, lot-sizing procedures, and forecast models. It covers traditional MRP, Consumption-Based Planning (CBP), Master Production Schedule (MPS), and various lot-sizing and forecasting methodologies.
Although interfaces, fundamental concepts and functionalities could be outdated due to the advancements in SAP S/4HANA, this document still holds foundational MRP concepts and procedures.
List of document content are;

  • MRP Procedure
  • MRP Type PD
  • MRP Type PP
  • MRP Type PV
  • MRP Type PW
  • MRP Type P6
  • MRP Type P7
  • MRP Type P8
  • MRP Type P9
  • MRP Type ZP
  • MRP Type Z8
  • CBP Type VB Manual Reorder Point
  • CBP Type V2 Automatic Reorder Point
  • CBP Type R1 or VS Time phased Planning
  • MRP Type RS Replenishment retail
  • Calculation of lot-sizes for the procurement proposal
  • Static lot-sizing procedure
  • Periodic lot-sizing procedure
  • Optimum lot-sizing procedure
  • Other tools in lot-sizing procedure
  • Consumption values
  • Forecast values
  • Forecast execution
  • Forecast models
  • Creation indicator
  • Planning mode
  • MRP Storage location with special procurement
  • MRP availability check per stock type
  • Planning strategy 40 and VE
  • Key property of strategy VE and procedure
  • Strategy VE example
  • Scheduling for externally procured materials
  • Scheduling for in-house manufactured materials
  • SMT Kanban Procedure (KTEC)
  • STT and SRK Kanban Procedure
  • SST – GI Year-forecast Procedure

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