10 Consulting Notes for CO-PA Analysts

This note gives an overview of the informational notes for CO-PA. The purpose of these notes is to give you further advice on various topics in CO-PA which have turned out to be difficult to understand from a user’s point of view. Notes compiled:

  • Free of Charge Deliveries – Costs in CO-PA
  • Characteristics from SD transaction Tables to CO-PA
  • SD Partner functions in CO-PA
  • Product Hierarchies in CO-PA Reports
  • + / – Signs in CO-PA and Conditions with plus/minus signs
  • SD Condition Types to CO-PA Value Fields
  • Valuation with Condition Technique in CO-PA
  • Characteristics from Variant Configuration
  • Costs for Third-party Processing
  • More than 120 value fields

Download – 10 Consulting Notes for CO-PA Analysts

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