Beginner’s Training Guide to SAP Variant Configuration

SAP Variant Configuration is a tool which simplifies complex manufacturing of final product more varieties and variation of the input material. The manufacturer is always having to offer new products or models of an existing product. New products are often created by modifying existing product designs. The purpose is to react quickly to customer’s requirement.

This training document will walk you through the steps of building a simple Variant Configuration model with screenshots in detail.

  • Creating Characteristics (CT04)
  • Creating Class (CL02)
  • Creating a Configurable Material
  • Maintaining Configuration Profile (Cu41)
  • Creating Dependencies
  • Variant Conditions in Pricing Procedure

Download – Beginner’s Training Guide to SAP Variant Configuration

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  1. Hi Our company is going to change our operation model from MTO to MTO/MTS/Configurable model, we are using SAP and need a solution in SAP to handle the transition, would you please advise how to contact you ? Thanks.

  2. I want to learn in depth concept of variant configuration ,please let me know if have any such course which will fulfill my requirements.

    I am SAP PP/QM consultant.


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